LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue - Page 96

Land scape

Leszek Piotrowski Lesstro

Lives and works in Gdynia , Poland
An artist ' s statement

E ven though it is still a bald artistic decision I create very classical art pieces . I am hoping to build a new movement of European art modeling itself after Dutch , Flemish , Spanish and Italian schools .

Bringing together and reawakening enthusiasm for the Old Masters work and the urgent need for renewed reverence for reality , by bringing back skills and spirit of the preimpressionist painters .
My desire is to remind the audience we carry as human beings emotions , memory and dream . There are things in life that unite people . Art seems to be universal : feeling , color , our sensory reaction to it . I create visual art of perfect workshop , without falling back on experiment just for exercising experiment .
There is so much evil and ugliness nowadays , that I would like everybody looking at my paintings to associate them with feelings of beauty and good only . That is why women are my favorite painting objects . I try to show their beauty and endless mystery by means of chiaroscuro , where light always wins , just like good overcomes evil .
Leszek Piotrowski Lesstro