Land of the Rainbow Lights Book 2016 - Page 16

The next morning , Merriebella snuck from her cozy warm sea scallop bed , leaving the cave where her family lay fast asleep . Once outside , she put on the glowing amulet , which lit up her face . As she reached the kelp forest , she looked back one final time at her underwater home and then swam off to find the whales .

“ Follow me ,” said the young whale , who was excited to see the young mermaid . And off they went in a giant


Merriebella was tumbled , tossed and turned upside down in the fast moving current as she was swept far far away .


So Pongo gathered up all his courage and slipped into the water. He squeezed his eyes shut, afraid to look but when he opened them he saw Merriebella’s smiling face. “See, it’s not so bad.” She took his paw and the two swam off to explore the upside down icebergs and ice caves. After a minute or so, Pongo pointed upward. He swam to the surface, climbing back onto the ice, panting with fear. “You did it,” Merriebella beamed, holding up her hand for a high five. Pongo blushed, “Well, yes, but I still think I am more of a land-loving bear. It’s a little spooky down there.” Just then a wave of brilliant green, yellow and violet lights swept across the sky. “Oh my heavens,” exclaimed Merriebella as she climbed out of the sea, joining Pongo on the ice. “It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,” she whispered. The two sat mesmerized, watching the show above. After a bit, Merriebella dipped back into the water, still gazing upward. All of a sudden something tugged on Merriebella and swept her underwater. Pongo pounced up onto his paws. Under the ice he could see her silhouette and the red glow of the amulet as she was dragged out toward the dark sea. He ran swiftly along the ice, tracking the light, but when he reached the end of the ice shelf, he saw an ominous sight—that same old rusty fishing trawler lurking in the distance. 13 Pongo heard the w&FrbG2v6VƖrFRF( 2Vv6F62FR&VBƖv@bFRVWBw&Wrf'FW"vvWrRBFF6WFr'WBRv266&VN( @66&VBF7vR66&VBbFRVFR&BR6VBBFW&VBBǐFfRvFw&VB76Bv7( Ğ( 6֖r( R6WFVB2R7vFFR6VvR6FRFR'VvrWBW'&V&VfVBW'6Vb6RF6RvFFR&'&6BFW6G2b6( Ğ( 6''G&VBFVBRV&ƖW"( 6fW76VBFRƗGFR&6( Ğ( 66&VB( R6BFf6R( RF( 6vVBW'&V&V( Ē֗72ג( 7&VBFR&6( RF( v^( fRvBFvWBWBbW&R( Ю( ĆWvN( 2FC( Р( v( W6VBW'&V&VvF&6rV'Bv7v7G&vBFv&G2FVW7B2R&V6VBFRWB@ƖgFVBWBbFRvFW"v6VBWBBBvF26w2Bw&&&VBFFR&GFЧvF2FVWFRv6VBBv&VBBǒ&VBRg&VVr6RbFR6'WBW'&V&Vv27F7GV66FR@