Land of the Rainbow Lights Book 2016 | Page 8

A sad-faced Merriebella swam out of the cave and sat pouting on a rock, her golden mirror in her lap. A slithering moray eel appeared before her, exposing a mouthful of teeth. “What’s wrong, my child?” asked a creaky voice. “A pretty girl such as you should never look so sad.” “Oh, why must I be stuck in this small boring cove? I am so tired of the same old thing. Seafood sandwiches, seahorse riding, polishing my mirror. I want to go to the Land of the Rainbow Lights.” “So why don’t you? “It’s too cold. Mother says I will freeze.” “Not if you have this,” said the eel, dangling a glowing red amulet in front of her eyes. “This magical amulet will keep you warm and safe. Then you can travel far and fulfill your dream.” “Wow! May I borrow it?” “Well, we could trade something,” cackled the eel, eyeing her precious golden mirror. “Like what?” Merriebella asked innocently. 5 The next morning, Merriebella snuck from her cozy warm sea scallop bed, leaving the cave where her family lay fast asleep. Once outside, she put on the glowing amulet, which lit up her face. As she reached the kelp forest, she looked back one final time at her underwater home and then swam off to find the whales. “Follow me,” said the young whale, who was excited to see the young mermaid. And off they went in a giant O O ! S H H W Merriebella was tumbled, tossed and turned upside down in the fast moving current as she was swept far far away. 6