Land of the Rainbow Lights Book 2016 | Page 20

Aurora reached out and threw a spray of w o c b o n l i ored a r dust onto them “The dust from the Rainbow Lights has the power to transport you—for it’s the energy of the stars.” A warm colored light bathed Merriebella, who stopped shivering. She smiled at Pongo and gave him a giant bear hug, sprinkling stardust onto his white fur coat. “I’ll never forget you and this beautiful place,” she whispered. “Think of me when you swim in the sea, okay?” Pongo’s big brown polar bear eyes were a little misty as he hugged his mermaid friend goodbye. “Goodbye Merriebella. I’ll never forget you either,” he said. And then, engulfed by a bright light, she was gone in a flash, traveling home. Now some say that a comet came to earth that night over the southern sea, as there was a burst of light so bright and unlike any other. Others swear they saw a girl dropped right out of the sky into the sea. When Merriebella swam into her sea cave her family was ecstatic to see her, as they feared they’d lost her for good. After hugs and tears, SerafIna exclaimed, “What in clamnation happened to your hair?” 17 18