Land of the Rainbow Lights Book 2016 | Page 18

Suddenly a man’s voice shouted, “There’s a bear in the water, trying to get our FIsh! Get your gun.” Pongo chewed at the ropes as fast as he could—more fish spilled out along with the baby orca. Finally Merriebella was within reach. Just as she was about to swim free, her amulet got caught on the net. “I’m stuck,” she cried. Pongo pulled with all his might and freed her, leaving the entangled amulet behind. Just before diving underneath the water, they heard a human voice yell, “Go after them.” Suddenly the pod of orcas appeared and rammed the boat into a nearby iceberg, allowing Pongo and Merriebella to escape. They swam as fast as they could, but Merriebella was growing weak from the icy water. When Pongo took her up onto the ice, he noticed she was shivering and her lips were blue. “I’m so cold. I just want to go home but without my amulet I’ll never make it back.” Big tears dropped from her sapphire eyes. “I’ll never see my family again.” 15 “Yes, you will,” said Pongo, his voice brave and strong, “I’ll make sure of it!” He wrapped her into his warm furry arms and took off into the night across the ice, far away from the ship. Luckily Pongo knew about the Lady of the Lights, whose name was Aurora and he hoped she’d have the magic that Merriebella needed to get home. In the darkness he called out to the sky, “Aurora, Lady of the Lights, my friend needs your help. She has traveled long and far to see your beauty.” Waves of color filled the night sky. Suddenly a beautiful face appeared in the light. Pongo knelt down before her. “My mermaid friend is freezing cold as she has lost her amulet and power to get home. I beg of you to help us.” “Why did you travel so far from your home, child?” asked Aurora. “I came to see the rainbow lights, which are more beautiful than I ever imagined,” shivered Merriebella. “But I put myself in danger because I don’t belong here. My home is with my mermaid family in the warm waters to the south. Thankfully, I met this brave bear who rescued me. And now I want to go home. I would be so grateful if you could help me.” 16