Land of the Rainbow Lights Book 2016 | Page 12

When Merriebella was finally spit out from the current she found herself in the middle of a pod of fast moving black and white orcas who swept her away from her other whale friends. One of the orcas came underneath her and nosed her into the air. The group gathered in a circle and began tossing her around like a beach ball. “Hey, what are you doing?” Merriebella squealed. “Please mom, please mom, can I eat her, can I?” the youngest orca begged. “Hush, little one,” said the mother orca as she bounced Merriebella away from her hungry son’s open mouth. “Pretty please, with seaweed on top,” he asked. But just as quickly as the orcas had arrived, they suddenly darted off, leaving Merriebella all alone in the icy waters. An old rusty fishing trawler came into view, scaring Merriebella who dove underwater. Below, her ears were filled with terrible sad cries and moans, so haunting they took her breath away, so she swam as fast as she could away from the ship, trembling as she went. The further she swam, the quieter and more peaceful she found this strange new world. She was mesmerized by the beauty of the blue ice and sculpted canyons. Looking up, she saw a hole in the ice and swam toward it. 9 n e h e l l b a e i p r o r pped h e M u o d a e h r e f o t s e h c n i y l n o , e r u o t t W e a e l s e h c t r h e s a a s m r e t e a r u w t a s a g a i a w e n e , r e t c c w e t i h a h f t r e h o i n p t p y r t a m eeth. h o s r h t f i w Pongo fell backwards and let out a scream as well—shocked to see the blue-eyed girl who was part human and part fish. 10