Land of the Rainbow Lights Book 2016 | Page 10

Meanwhile up north in the Land of the Rainbow Lights, Pongo, the polar bear, was having a very bad day. For the seventh time he had failed his swimming test, as he was utterly afraid of the icy waters below. The other polar bear cubs were pummeling him with snowballs and laughing at Pongo, tossing insults that stung as much as the torrents of ice. “He’s the biggest chicken of the sea. Whoever heard of a polar bear who doesn’t swim,” shouted Seymour. “And who doesn’t like to eat fish,” howled Percy as he heaved another snowball at Pongo’s head. “Well, it just seems a bit cruel to eat another creature,” muttered Pongo, “not to mention very messy. I prefer berries and greens.” Skitters, the snow fox, hid behind Pongo, dodging the snowballs. “C’mon on, Pongo, stand up for yourself. Show those guys who’s boss. You’re bigger than they are.” “Oh, they’ll tire of it eventually,” sighed Pongo, taking another hit to the chest. “Violence just begets violence. I prefer making snow cones.” Pongo scooped up a handful of ice and pulled some red lingonberries from his fur pouch. He crushed them, dripping the juice over the ice. “Want one?” Pongo smiled. Skitters shook the wet ice from his fur, shaking his head. “No thanks, Pongo. I’m starving. I’m getting way too skinny hanging out with you. Catch you later!” 7 Pongo found himself all alone in a vast landscape of ice. He dipped his toe into an ice hole but quickly retracted it. Swimming was just not his thing. 8