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October – December 2020

Laguna Niguel

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Could this Happen to You ?

• Upon leaving home one morning a man observed a young man sitting in a car across the street . Although he felt suspicious about the stranger , he went to work . Upon his return that evening he found his home had been burglarized .
• A woman went to the grocery store one afternoon . She left her sliding door slightly open . “ I was only gone 15 minutes ,” she stated . When she got home she found more than $ 1,000 worth of her valuables missing .
• Several neighbors noticed new residents of a nearby home had many frequent “ guests ” visiting for short periods of time . There had also been some recent auto and home burglaries in the area . Although they suspected drug dealing , they did not report anything to the police .
These are just a few examples of real-life situations that prompted neighbors to establish their own Neighborhood Watch groups . Don ’ t wait to become a victim . If you don ’ t belong to a Neighborhood Watch group , get together with your neighbors and establish one .
What is Neighborhood Watch ? It is a program in which the people in one area ( neighborhood ) agree to watch out for each other . Neighborhood Watch signs are prominently posted warning criminals that your neighborhood has an active and organized Watch group .
Find out more about how to start a group in your area by contacting Crime Prevention Specialist Kimberly Sawyer at 949-362-4305 or email her at ksawyer @ ocsd . org .
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