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This ain’t no plain ‘ol story time, Partner. Sure, it’s family friendly fun for the young ‘uns (grades K-5 will enjoy it the most), but it’s also an honest-to-goodness 40-minute show that the kiddos help perform! Rita selects eager volunteers from the audience and

Our lovely Madam, Miss Advise, knows all and sees all! Choose from an array of fortune telling fun for your next event. Keep it simple with palm reading and tarot cards, or experience the unexpected with chocolate, lipstick, or cocktail readings. Want a more traditional look? You may choose Tatyana, Queen of the Gypsies, instead! Either way, we predict your guests will leave with smiles on their faces.



Tall Tales Told by

a Talkative Texan

provides them with costumes and lines so they can take part in the tellin’ of the tale. She’ll even bring her puppet friend Arty the Armadillo along for the fun.

Requirements: 45-minute time slot (start to

finish), small stage/elevated performance

area, 1-2 wireless microphones. Best for

audiences of 50 or more.