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A favorite of event guests everywhere! Our entertaining, authentically costumed gunfighters teach guests how to appropriately handle an Old West Six-Shooter. Guests learn the basics of target shooting and test their marksmanship skills using safety approved rubber bullets. Participants will experience the excitement of action shooting as they accumulate points for prizes or just plain braggin' rights. Ask about how we can customize targets with your company logo!

**Minimum Staff Required - Two gunfighters per station


Guests can strap on a six gun and experience firsthand the excitement of going up against a real gunfighter! Or call out any one of your friends to see who is faster on the draw. Our Quick Draw entertainers thrill not only their opponents but the audience as well while they challenge guests to an Old West Quick Draw. These "fast guns" will tickle your funny bone and make you trigger happy.


Get your guests out of their seats and on their feet! Our friendly, energetic Line Dance Instructors and Assistants can teach even the most novice dancers these simple steps. Choose to have our ladies dressed in classic Saloon Girl dresses or modern western attire. Our Line Dance Instructors can also work with your band or DJ to keep your guests on the dance floor. For more Music & Dance click here or watch our video.