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Rusty Gears is the world's most versatile, mobile, charming and quick-witted robot entertainer! Rusty can draw a crowd, capture their imagination and hold their attention with his hilarious, interactive conversation and more. He is perfect for Trade Shows, Fairs & Expositions, Corporate Events, and Private Parties. Rusty's endearing personality, clever humor and multimedia accessories make an encounter with Rusty an unforgettable experience. The overall effect is a "live" machine with heart, soul, and charm!

Kids interact and pose for pictures.

What Rusty Gears Can Do

Mobility: Rusty moves at the speed of a brisk walk and can maneuver with amazing precision wherever there is handicap accessibility. He has no visible operator nearby, thus creating an air of mystique about his mobility and dexterity.

Stereo Sound System: Rusty has outstanding communication skills via a concise sound system that can be heard loud and clear and adjusted to the size of crowd and/or environment. He uses an extensive variety of sound effects and a selection of music that can be customized to fit the occasion.

LED Signage Programmable: A custom LED sign can display your specific message. Information about any product or situation can be programmed so that Rusty is always in the know about current events or products, making him a valuable corporate team member.

Printed Material Distribution: Rusty distributes printed material from a slot in his body. Brochures, coupons, maps, business cards, or any document up to 8.5 x 11 are all possibilities.

Fully Interactive: Rusty initiates conversations and responds appropriately throughout the

interaction. Handshakes and hugs are his specialty.

Rusty draws a crowd.