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Newborn Care

Getting Out
After you are feeling recovered , you may be tempted to go for walks , visit with friends or go out to public areas . Fresh air and walks are good for both you and baby . Some exposure to sunlight is healthy for you both as well , but be careful not to overexpose baby . If you will be in bright sunlight , use a hat or other means of shading your baby ’ s skin and sensitive eyes .
Vehicle Safety
A car seat is an essential tool to keep your baby safe while driving . Use these tips to make sure you are using the car seat properly :
• Never allow your baby to be in a moving vehicle without being securely strapped into a car seat .
• Use a car seat appropriate for baby ’ s weight and size . Be sure to change the seat as needed as baby grows .
• Carefully read and follow all the instructions for installation and use of your car seat .
• A rear facing car seat is safest and required by law . Keep baby rear facing until both age and weight have met recommended limits for turning a child to front facing .
• Straps should be snug , level with baby ’ s shoulders and should never be fastened over coats , blankets or other bulky items .
• Never use a car seat that has been in an accident .
• Always use a car seat that was manufactured
Breastfeeding provides baby with powerful immunities against disease . However , it is still wise to protect your baby with frequent hand washing , avoiding people who are ill , and limiting the number of people who touch baby , especially


the hands and face . A baby who was born prematurely , is formula-fed or has special health needs may be best served by avoiding exposure to public areas with lots of potential pathogens until their immune system matures . since the most recent regulations to ensure that it meets all current safety standards .
Many hospitals have a staff person who is trained and certified in car seat installation and safety checks , or visit cert . safekids . org for additional resources .
Life with Baby