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Mental Relaxation

Labor requires a tremendous amount of mental focus to work with and not against your body . The following strategies can help you keep your mind and emotions calm . Many of these techniques are most effective when practiced frequently during pregnancy , so that the mind and body are conditioned to relax during labor . To practice , lay on your side , supported by pillows so that your whole body can deeply relax . Ensure that your environment is comfortable and calming . Eliminate distractions such as the television or phone .
Audio Recordings
Positive Imagery and Affirmations
Playing soothing recordings of music , poems , In order to have the most positive and stories and / or audio relaxation scripts during comfortable labor experience possible , it is pregnancy and labor can help you remain important to let go of your fears and trust in focused and calm . There are many options your abilities . In a culture where birth is often available for purchase or you can create your portrayed negatively , this can be a challenge . own custom playlist before labor .
During pregnancy , surround yourself with positive birth stories and inspiration . Visualize


or write down your desires for your birth
Hypnotherapy involves training your ( while being flexible in the event of unexpected subconscious mind to let go of fears and events ). Repeat to yourself or have your partner tension using specific cues or self-hypnosis . say affirmations to encourage you .
These cues may be in the form of a key word For you : or words or some other trigger that reminds
• My body can do this . you to let go of your tension and remain calm .
• My mind and heart are open . Books and audio recordings are available to
• I am strong . assist you in learning techniques .
• I release and let go .
Focal Point
Using a visual focal point , such as a photo , an object with special meaning attached to it , or even steady eye contact with a trusted companion , can serve as a valuable tool to help you stay focused through your contractions .
• Every contraction brings my baby closer .
For your partner :
• You are taking such good care of our baby .
• You are strong , beautiful , and capable .
• You are safe and loved .
• Surrender to the work your body is doing .
• Just take one step at a time .
Additional ideas and positive affirmations :
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Finding Comfort Comfort Measures