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Pregnancy : An Overview

Congratulations !
Pregnancy can be filled with a range of emotions as you prepare to welcome your baby . You may feel overjoyed and excited or nervous and overwhelmed . It can be helpful to talk with other parents , family or friends about your feelings and hear their stories . Learning more about pregnancy , birth and having a new baby can also help calm your fears and help you feel more prepared .
• Eat a nutritious diet with lots of fresh


vegetables and fruits , whole grains , high quality protein , and water to drink .
• Avoid consuming or exposing yourself to potentially harmful substances and activities such as smoke , chemicals , alcohol , drugs , medications , unsafe sex , fish with high levels of mercury ( shark , king mackerel , swordfish ),
Understanding Pregnancy Dates unpasteurized cheese , undercooked meats and artificial sweeteners .
Pregnancy is generally thought of as the 40- week interval between the first day of your last menstrual period and the baby ’ s birth , although a normal pregnancy may last from 37 to 42 weeks ( see page 6 for more details ). Your pregnancy is divided into three parts , called trimesters . Each trimester lasts 12-14 weeks .
Keys to a Healthy Pregnancy
• Go to regular prenatal health care visits .
• Minimize stress and / or use stress coping techniques to manage your stress .
• Get plenty of sleep and rest when needed .
• Stay active and aim for 30 or more minutes of daily exercise , such as walking , swimming , yoga or other activities you enjoy . In addition to being healthy , regular exercise can help you be more comfortable during pregnancy and have an easier labor , birth and recovery .
Labor and Birth