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Easily , safely and quickly deliver informatics solutions

Hello , we ’ re Datapult . Built by public health , for public health .

Easily , safely and quickly deliver informatics solutions

NGS Data Solutions
Easily and securely access prepackaged pipelines and workspaces tailored to public health sequencing needs .
NGS InSight ™
Realize the value and the ability of efficiently analyzing pathogen genomes , enabling laboratories to recognize differences in public health threats . NGS InSight creates information that is actionable in protecting public health .

Datapult Ad

More data is never a bad thing . With NGS gsT , sponsoring agencies can deploy interpartner connections for bidirectional sharing of FASTA and FASTQ NGS Data files .
NGS TB Pipeline
NGS TB Pipeline grants access to , and utilization of , the WGS pipeline for M . tuberculosis developed by and for public health .
Public Health Informatics Consulting
Datapult professionals have over 70 years of scientific , informatics , laboratory , data and public health experience . As an APHL company and through our partnerships , we have two centuries worth of experience and subject matter expertise . Areas of expertise include :
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• Data standards
• Terminology
• Vocabulary mapping
• HL7
• Informatics
• Bioinformatics
• IT project management , short and long-term
• Scientific subject matter expertise
• Interoperability architecture assessments and improvement plans
• System / program / software gap analysis
• Data science
• Big data
• Analysis and visualization
• Anomaly detection
• Custom system integrations
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