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Microbe Capture
Microbe Concentration
Microbe Lysis
1 – 10 min
1 min
10 min
Sample and Nanotrap ® particles are mixed together . Nanotrap ® particles capture microbes .
Magnetic separation isolates
Nanotrap ® particles and captured microbes , enabling
4.16 easy removal of supernatant .
Nanotrap ® particles and captured microbes are resuspended in the lysis buffer that is provided with nucleic acid extraction kit , releasing nucleic acids .
Particle Removal
Nucleic Acid Purification
1 min
Magnetic separation isolates Nanotrap ® particles from lysed microbes . Nucleic acids ready for further purification .
15 -30 min
Use commercial nucleic acid extraction kit to purify RNA / DNA .
Evaluate samples using RT- PCR , digital PCR , sequencing for improved detection .
Figure 2 .
to DNA / RNA extraction kits in just a few simple steps , with no centrifugation or filtration required .
Reducing the Chance for Error in Wastewater Epidemiology
By capturing and concentrating microbes of interest , the Nanotrap ® Microbiome Particles facilitate a higher yield of complete genomic nucleic acids from the same sample volume used in other processes ( Figure 2 ). This allows for better results and can enable earlier detection of COVID-19 “ hot spots ” in a community , as well as more accurate sequencing data to better identify the spread of unique variants .
Easy to use , readily scalable and inexpensive to implement , Nanotrap ® Microbiome Particles have been used by numerous wastewater surveillance programs tracking community spread of SARS-CoV-2 variants and extending into others , such as monkeypox . By reducing
hands-on time , eliminating filtration and centrifugation steps , and enabling automated methods , laboratory personnel are freed to perform other tasks . g
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