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LAB MATTERS WINTER 2020 | CONTENTS Columns 2 President’s Message 3 Chief Executive Officer’s Message Departments Public Health Preparedness and Response Informatics 22 Moving to the Cloud Signals a Bright Future for Public Health Data Exchange 4 Using vDOT to Strengthen TB Control in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands 5 Putting COOP on the Table: California Tests its Ability to Respond During Fires 6 Restoring Core Public Health Services to Ensure Public Safety Newborn Screening 24 The Impact of Bioinformaticians in Newborn Screening Systems Workforce 25 Emerging Leaders Develop Guide to the Unpredictable Environmental Health 14 Maine Proposes New Drinking Water Testing Method Using LRN-C Equipment Communications Global Health Membership 15 GLLP Partners Meet in Rome to Discuss Updates 16 Spanning Borders for a Cohesive Public Health Approach 28 Aiming Upward in Marion County, Indiana 30 Waterwise: The Nebraska Public Health Environmental Laboratory Infectious Diseases Fellows 18 AR Lab Network Supports Response to Candida auris Outbreak in California 19 Back to School: Tracking Adenovirus Outbreaks Impacting College Campuses and Other Institutions 20 CDC’s Yellow Fever Diagnostic Kit Could Mean Faster Outbreak Response, Fewer Deaths 32 APHL Fellows Thrive in Host Labs and Beyond APHL LAB MATTERS STAFF APHL BOARD OF DIRECTORS Gynene Sullivan, MA, CAPM, editor Grace E. Kubin, PhD, president Karen Klinedinst, art director Bill Whitmar, MS, president-elect 26 Giving Data Its Due: Data Visualization in PowerPoint Jody DeVoll, MAT, advisor 8 Unsustainable: The Rise and Fall of Public Health Funding According to data published by the advocacy group Trust for America’s Health, there is a $4.5 billion gap between current funding levels and what is needed to achieve “an adequate level of public health protection” nationwide. Even though budget news for FY2020 is better than it has been, it continues a worrying, long-term trend of public health underfunding and public health laboratories being forced to draw on short-term crisis funding to maintain day-to-day activities. Daphne Ware, PhD, secretary-treasurer Richard S. Steece, PhD, D(ABMM), member-at-large To submit an article for consideration, contact Gynene Sullivan, editor, at [email protected] Denise Marie Toney, PhD, HCLD(ABB), member-at-large The Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) works to strengthen laboratory systems serving the public’s health in the US and globally. APHL’s member laboratories protect the public’s health by monitoring and detecting infectious and foodborne diseases, environmental contaminants, terrorist agents, genetic disorders in newborns and other diverse health threats. PublicHealthLabs FEATURE Anthony “Tony” Tran, DrPH, MPH, D(ABMM), member-at-large Maria Lucia Ishida, PhD, associate institutional member representative Megan Crumpler, PhD, local institutional member representative 8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 700 Silver Spring, MD 20910 Mark Wade, local institutional member representative Phone: 240.485.2745 Fax: 240.485.2700 E-mail: [email protected] Web: Scott J. Becker, MS, ex officio, chief executive officer, APHL @APHL Joanne Bartkus, PhD, D(ABMM), immediate past president Winter 2020 LAB MATTERS 1