Lab Matters Winter 2019 | Page 31

2019 APHL Newborn Screening and Genetic Testing Symposium Strong Foundations Lead to New Heights April 7–10, 2019 | Hilton Chicago Join us as we convene an international gathering of more than 500 clinicians, laboratorians, nurses, genetic counselors, public health professionals and maternal and child health service providers to explore and discuss a variety of topics. The Symposium also includes 30+ exhibits of the latest in laboratory technology and newborn screening systems practice. Register at Sponsored by The Association of Public Health Laboratories Co-Sponsored by The Illinois State Public Health Laboratory International Society for Neonatal Screening Topics include: • state, national and international newborn screening systems • genetic testing • policy issues • education strategies • candidate conditions • clinical outcomes • diagnosis and treatment • molecular applications • point-of-care • pre-analytical quality improvement • best practices