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News from APHL Laboratory Fellowship Programs

By Heather Roney , MA , fellowship program manager

APHL has completed recruitment of fellows and host laboratories for the 2017 Antimicrobial Resistance , Bioinformatics , and Infectious Diseases Fellowship Programs . We look forward to reviewing all applications and interviewing finalists for these programs . Fellows are expected to start their assignments in APHL member laboratories and CDC laboratories in the summer .

Updates from the Environmental Public Health Laboratory Fellows
• Maria del Rosario Amado Sierra started her fellowship at the California Department of Public Health Laboratory in July 2016 . She will increase the lab ’ s biomonitoring capabilities by establishing a screening or master method for representative semi-volatile organic compounds from the Biomonitoring California Designated Chemical List that could be present in urine .
• Mitchell Popko began his fellowship at the South Dakota Public Health Laboratory in August 2016 . His work includes bench rotations for the four environmental conditions currently on the South Dakota list of reportable diseases : elevated blood lead , acute pesticide illness , carbon monoxide poisoning and silicosis .
See our website for more information about APHL ’ s laboratory fellowship programs . www . aphl . org / fellowships

Your Biosafety Resource !

ABSA International was founded in 1984 to promote biosafety as a scientific discipline and serve the growing biosafety and biosecurity needs of scientists , laboratorians , health care workers , and biosafety professionals throughout the world .
ABSA International Activities and Resources

• Annual Biological Safety Conference , Training Courses , and Webinars

• Applied Biosafety : Journal of ABSA International

• Biosafety Publications – Including Anthology of Biosafety Series

• Biosafety Training Resources

• Animal Biosafety Training Video – www . absa . org / resanimal . html

• Credentialed Biosafety Professionals – Registered Biosafety Professional ( RBP ) and Certified Biological Safety Professional ( CBSP )

• BSL-2 / -3 and ABSL-2 / -3 Accreditation Program – www . absaaccreditation . org

• Biosafety ListServ , Job Board , Risk Group Database , Biosafety Buyer ’ s Guide , Training Tools , and more …

www . absa . org

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