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Figure 1 : GC-MS analysis with HP-5ms column ( Agilent ) of 100 µ g / mL Fentanyl ( in acetonitrile , Lot 483337 , Cayman Chemical )
Chemical No . ISO60197 ). The GC performance specification yielded a retention time on a HP-5ms column of ca . 15.05min , with a precision ( as CV ) of 0.1 %. Thus , both the GC-MS sensitivity and GC specificity are excellent for detection of fentanyl in test samples .
Finally , a characteristic Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy ( FT-IR ) profile was determined from the deposited fentanyl hydrochloride salt using a benchtop FT-IR system ( see Figure 2 ). An example that illustrates the detection of synthetic opioids was a suspected CDS white powder found within a rolled-up bill . The material quantity was minute ; however , even small amounts of the drug are still highly toxic . Donned in full PPE , including gloves , lab coat and an N95 mask , the material was removed , diluted in acetonitrile , centrifuged and filtered ( see Figure 3 ).
Going Forward
As emerging synthetic drugs appear on the streets , DC DFS PHL intends to update the database and methods to ensure coverage of new substances . Working with the OAG , new legislation will continue to evolve to address new synthetic drugs in a consistent and systematic way , as seen with the SAFE DC Bill of 2015 . Future research will be to study correlations of toxicological reports with drugs identified at the scene or within the area , providing valuable feedback to evaluate the effectiveness of drug screens and provide advance notice to local toxicologists of emerging drugs of abuse .
Figure 2 : FT-IR analysis of deposited 500 µ L of 100 µ g / mL Fentanyl-HCl , after evaporation ( Spectrum II , Perkin Elmer )
Figure 3 : Analysis of suspected CDS white powder , containing Fentanyl and Heroin ( other non-CDS noted )
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