Lab Matters Summer 2018 | Page 17

CALL FOR ARTICLES: from the bench From The Bench Lab Matters, APHL’s flagship publication, is seeking submissions from laboratorians at all levels of practice for “From the Bench,” a new member-driven section of its quarterly magazine. We welcome both technical and non-technical articles covering topics across public health laboratory science, administration, careers and management. Articles may be 500-1200 words in length. We’re looking for a few key components in “From the Bench” articles – 1. A compelling story. Tell us about an initiative that streamlined an administrative process or fostered relationships with external communities. Describe how your lab has worked with other public health partners to stop an outbreak or respond to an environmental health threat. Or tell us how you dealt with an initiative that failed. 2. A complete story. Give us an article with a beginning, middle and end. The end should provide some resolution of the narrative. You don’t need to have fully implemented the new algorithm, analyzed all the research data or completed the electronic laboratory reporting system discussed in yo