Lab Matters Spring 2020 | Page 17

FROM THE BENCH Most Effective HIERARCHY OF CONTROLS Elimination Physically remove the hazard Substitution Replace the hazard Engineering Controls Isolate people from the hazard Administrative Controls Change the way people work PPE Protect the worker with Personal Protection Equipment Figure 2. NIOSH’s Hierarchy of Controls Least Effective to voice additional ideas and concerns as they begin following the new risk mitigation strategy. Staff should be empowered to further modify the strategy with management’s involvement. Risk assessments should be living, breathing processes rather than static documents that live on a shelf. A comprehensive review of the risk assessment should be performed any time the technical SOP is reviewed, and whenever changes occur with staff, specimen types, equipment or facilities. Follow CDC guidelines whenever possible to help inform your risk assessment and mitigation strategy. COVID-19 information for both laboratories and healthcare providers include: • Interim Guidelines for Collecting, Handling, and Testing Clinical Specimens • Interim Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines • Laboratory Biosafety Frequently Asked Questions • Healthcare Infection Control Guidance. n PublicHealthLabs @APHL Spring 2020 LAB MATTERS 15