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Dr . Mamo Umuro , head of the NPHL Kenya Laboratory Division , talks about the importance of properly maintained biosafety cabinets . Photo by Rufus Nyaga
Dr Pacific Onyancha , head of the MOH Quality and Standards Department , shows the biomedical tool kit that will be utilized . Photo by Rufus Nyaga
The Center ’ s launch also served as the launch of the NPHL Strategic Plan 2016-2020 and the national integrated external quality assessment ( EQA ) strategy for medical laboratory sciences . APHL led development of the strategic plan and contributed to development of the national integrated EQA strategy , with Ralph Timperi , APHL ’ s senior advisor of Laboratory Practice and Management , providing guidance in drafting and review . The Ministry recognized APHL ’ s contributions to improving the quality of NPHL laboratory services .
A biomedical engineers and lab managers interface session
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