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APHL- CDC Public Health Laboratory

Internship Program

Interns will join a public health laboratory team to make an impact on protecting the health of our communities . Interns assist scientists working on meaningful projects while building skills such as general lab practices ( e . g ., pipetting , calibrations , etc .), data analysis , report management , problem solving , teamwork , effective communication and more .
• Eligible candidates : Current student enrolled at an accredited institution and in pursuit of a relevant certificate , associate ’ s , bachelor ’ s , master ’ s or doctorate * degree
• Flexible start and end dates
• Hours and program length : Flexible hours with an average of 20 hours a week , length varies
Interns have the opportunity to network with laboratory professionals and be supervised by a mentor during their internship .
* Genomic data internship only
APHL- CDC Public Health Laboratory

Fellowship Program

Fellowships support a wide spectrum of public health laboratory program areas , such as : bioinformatics , biorisk management ( biosafety ), environmental health , infectious disease , informatics , food safety , newborn screening and quality management . Each fellow will be trained in alignment with established public health laboratory core competencies and functions and will work on unique program-specific projects and other initiatives in host laboratories .
• Eligible candidates : Bachelor ’ s , master ’ s or doctorate degrees
• Applications : Accepted year-round
• Flexible start and end dates
• Hours and program length : Approximately 40 hours a week , one to two years

Help Shape the Future !

Mentors Needed
Are you an experienced laboratory professional who would like to guide and direct a fellow through their fellowship program ? Your contribution defines the program and contributes to their leadership and professional development .
Learn more by visiting www . aphl . org / Career-Pathways
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