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Illustration of state QI projects that were generated at the NewSTEPs CQI National Meeting .
Collaborative teams engaged in ignitestyle presentations that were visually captured by a live graphic note-taker to share the improvements . Through the NewSTEPs QI Projects Collaborative , participating NBS programs were able to identify and address gaps in their screening processes and share this experience across programs . Moreover , the collaboration between NBS programs fostered the sharing of practices and lessons learned , further enhancing the overall quality of newborn screening .
The success of this CQI initiative has demonstrated the power of collaboration , knowledge enhancement and datadriven decision making . By embracing CQI principles and methodologies , NBS programs can elevate their screening processes , strengthen their systems , and ultimately improve outcomes for newborns . As NBS continues to evolve , the importance of CQI cannot be overstated . Through ongoing commitment to continuous improvement , we can ensure a brighter , healthier future for all newborns . g
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