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TM colLABorate Testing Recommendations There is no single, practical well water testing list that is protective public do health on nationwide. What can of you ColLABorate? Contamination, especially naturally-occurring Participate in discussions with your contaminants like arsenic or uranium, is highly dependent on geology. The Private Well Class peers, find and based contact other community recommends sampling around three criteria: members, share your documents/ 1. Sample for coliform bacteria and nitrates presentations and enjoy exploring. Visit annually. They indicate surface influences on a well, either due to poor construction or a to get nearby shallow source. in on the now! 2. Contact local conversations and state health departments ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH APHL’s Online Communities Site! Currently, the following ColLABorate Communities are open to APHL members and partners: • Cannabis Community of Practice • Government Environmental Laboratory • Health Information Technology-Newborn Screening • Laboratory Biosafety Community • Laboratory Leadership-Mentorship Community • Microbiology Discussion Community to ask about any naturally-occurring or industrial of concern. For Not sure contaminants if you are a member of Well a Water Quality Testing Regulations. • NewSTEPs Community Source: National Environmental Health Association instance, beryllium is a natural contaminant community? the site, on “My • Opioid Community of Practice of concern in Rhode On Island, but we would click not recommend everyone test for it. proficient in private well and groundwater provide Committees & Communities” on These the results gray bar a good • basic PH Laboratory Operations Community of Practice quality issues answer questions and provide understanding of the water chemistry and 3. Test for the following constituents every 3-5 • specialist Quality to Assurance Community OR years: log fluoride, in to iron, impartial advice. Educate well owners about allow a and health click or water quality lead, manganese, sulfate, the importance of sampling and proper well determine many health and aesthetic concerns. pH, hardness, arsenic, chloride, turbidity, total • STARLIMS Community on dissolved “My ColLABorate Communities.” Contact construction. And partner with other agencies to Well owners rely on laboratories for advice, solids, alkalinity, copper (if you have reach more well owners. so consider how the laboratory can make a copper pipes), zinc and cadmium (if you have • Training Partner efficiently Community [email protected] with any questions. difference. For example, have staff who are galvanized pipes) Buy Amazon, Support APHL We know everyone buys through Amazon, and now you are able to provide a portion of your purchase cost to support APHL! APHL is an Amazon Associate, and if you use our link to Amazon for any purchase you make, whether books or home goods or gifts or electronics, it will benefit APHL with a percentage of the sale. Start shopping Amazon through /amazon We appreciate any and all purchases! PublicHealthLabs @APHL Fall 2018 LAB MATTERS 15