Lab Matters Fall 2018 | Page 25

GLOBAL HEALTH Global Health Takes a Regional Approach By Sherrie Staley, MPH, manager, Global Health and Reshma Kakkar, MA, manager, Global Health Informatics In June 2018, APHL hosted concurrent regional workshops for global health security and global health laboratory informatics in Bangkok, Thailand and Nairobi, Kenya. While the countries differed, the challenges faced by laboratory scientists were remarkably similar. The curriculum for the global health security workshops concentrated on key Global Health Security areas of biosafety/ biosecurity, antimicrobial resistance, laboratory networks, public health surveillance, and incident preparedness and response. These interactive regional workshops allowed senior laboratory professionals from public health, veterinary and food laboratories to present on challenges within their respective countries. Participants also used the workshops as an opportunity to discuss and collaborate with global experts from 13 Asian and 10 African countries on how to better prevent, detect and respond to outbreaks. Ten Asian and African countries sent two informatics personnel per country to participate in the Laboratory Informatics and Global Health Security Agenda Workshops. Topics of focus included laboratory data and usage, creating and using laboratory data sets, mechanisms for sharing quality laboratory data sets outside the laboratory, and technical solutions to capture and share laboratory data. Participants emphasized the significance of this workshop, as laboratory data in many countries are collected and reported by disease-specific areas without a means to share data either from a technology/data integration aspect or with respect to policy and data sharing agreement needs. top: Africa Regional Laboratory Informatics Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya middle left: Participants of the Regional GHSA Workshop held in Nairobi middle right: Presentations during the Regional Laboratory Informatics Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand bottom left: Participants of the Global Health Security Regional Workshop in Bangkok bottom right: Asia Regional Laboratory Informatics Workshop in Bangkok In both workshops, participants expressed interest in a forum to enable them to continue their valuable discussions. APHL has established ColLABorate communities so these interactions can continue. n PublicHealthLabs @APHL Fall 2018 LAB MATTERS 23