Kounta POS Making it Big in Hospitality: Strategies for Growi | Page 2

Table of Contents Introduction A written amuse-bouche for your reading pleasure, to whet your appetite for what’s to come. Chapter 1: Be Yourself-ier Your restaurant is a success, so whatever you’re doing, your customers must like it. This chapter covers ways to find out exactly what your customers love so you can give them more. Chapter 2: (Check) Size Matters The simplest way to start earning more money is to get your customers to spend more money. That part is obvious: this chapter details the methods you can use to make that happen. Chapter 3: Marketing Marketing is that thing that no one feels they do enough of. Here are some strategies to use that are more than enough to retain customers, and convert new ones. Chapter 4: Come On, Get Happy Happy Hours aren’t just for bars anymore. Learn ways to create demand and drum up business during those slower periods. Chapter 5: It’s Getting Mobile Out There Mobile technology gives customers more ways to find and buy from you, wherever they are. But it also enables you to take your show on the road and meet them where they’re at.