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At Kosta Boda , we have worked with glass for close to 300 years . We haven ’ t tired yet . If anything , our passion for the material and its magical properties keeps growing . Today , our production spans interior design , lifestyle and art – fueled by a quest to keep evolving , constantly seeking new expressions , by turns bold and accessible .
Our works enrich your home for everyday life and parties , always made with a style and quality intended to last for many years . Collections range from utility items that heighten meals , drinks and community , to innovative shapes that beautify spaces where people live and create memories together .
Kosta Boda is not only about what we do , but also who we are . Courage , determination and collaboration have been guiding principles for both brand and employees since we started in 1742 . Other central qualities are craftsmanship , creativity and artistic freedom . The result is a tradition of inspiring , progressive glass production , divided into the areas Kosta Boda Collection and Kosta Boda Art Glass .
Kosta Boda Collection The ambition of Kosta Boda Collection is to capture the spirit of the times in the form of commercial lifestyle products . The range consists of well-designed and functional interior items . Complementary materials can be used , but always with the glass in focus . We find inspiration in the collective history of the glassworks and designers like Signe Persson-Melin and Erik Höglund , complemented by present-day influences . The collections encompass fashion , music and art , and aim to beautify and enhance modern everyday life – whether it concerns diningtable accessories , interior design or celebration .