Anyone who saw and heard the MVs on a race track will never forget the experience . Unfortunately , we didn ’ t see much of them in this country until 1999 when Giacomo Agostini came to the Classic Festival at Pukekohe , bringing with him a selection of fabulous MV race bikes . It was a weekend to remember with some of our elite riders such as Hugh Anderson and Len Perry joining in . MV Agusta motorcycle manufacturing began again in 1998 with the release of the F4 750 soon to be followed by the F4 1000 .
Above : Agostini warms up the bike at Pukekohe . Right : Agostini in 1968 on the 500 . Below : MV race bikes at Ken McIntosh ’ s workshop during the Classic Festival
I was fortunate enough to have tested both . The first thing that occurred to me was , whether a motorcycle manufactured in 1998 can really qualify for the term ‘ classic ’? There may be cases when this accolade can be used when a freshly minted example is so remarkable that it becomes an instant ‘ classic ’, like some Ferraris and other exotic Italian cars . The look and feel of the F4 is pure