Kiwi Rider May 2022 Vol.1 - Page 91

has eagerly backed this up by running headline news stories about people speeding , traffic accidents , and interviews with traumatised victims – as if this is somehow news and not bald-faced , clumsy-arsed , cheese-shitting propaganda . As a result , we now live , for all intents and purposes , in a police state . Our police are everywhere all the time – at every large social event , concert , bar , nightclub , or festival – in force and ostensibly for our own safety . They even have the gall to charge organisers of events for this policing as if they were armed mercenaries and soldiers of fortune , rather than simple employees of the state doing their bloody jobs . They are everywhere on main roads , both overtly and covertly , blatantly raising billions for the State while mouthing the endless safety mantra over and over . It ’ s worked so well , a large percentage of people actually support and encourage them in this massive , cynical , and naked cash-grab . They even admit they work to a quota system now . They don ’ t care if we know this . It ’ s not like we can do anything about it , is there ? Because anything and everything can and is
justified in the name of public safety . And if you ’ re shaking your head in disbelief that I would advocate such a thing as being able to make a personal choice about wearing a helmet , then you are the prime tumour . All the rest is just metastases . What ’ s that ? Why would you have to pay for my medical expenses if it goes wrong ? For the same reason I have to pay for you folding those Big Macs into your greedy maw while you grow a belly to sustain your heart disease and diabetes . Who do you reckon is going to cost the state more over a longer period of time , sugar-bear ? You and your piss-drinking , take-away-eating , sugar addiction , or me and my brain damage ?
Look , at the end of the day you and your ilk has won . So calm your engines . I ’ m just yelling at clouds . You ’ ve got the nanny state you ’ ve always wanted . We all have to wear the helmets . We have no choice . It ’ s for own good , just like you ’ ve always wanted it to be , you piece of soulless rubbish . Except when they ’ re not looking . And there are still places where they ’ re not
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