Kiwi Rider May 2022 Vol.1 - Page 90




will never forgive them for making us wear helmets . Ever . Damn them for doing it , and damn us for letting them do it to us . In one fell swoop , that now ancient , but still diabolical , legislation , ripped out one of motorcycling ’ s most wondrous aspects and made motorcycling a lesser thing . It happened a long time ago . I know . And no . I ’ m not over it . I ’ m not over it because I know what I am missing out on . If you ’ re now hotly pissing into your colostomy bag with outrage , then you don ’ t . So , either go and find out what it ’ s like so your opinion is informed , or jam your puerile outrage up your blurter where it can keep the rest of your anal motorcycle proclivities company . I spent almost a decade deciding when I would wear a helmet and when I would not wear a helmet . So I know perfectly well what a life-affirming , soul-enriching , and joy-inducing exercise not wearing one is . I also still do it , as often as I can , in places where the Police are unlikely to run me down like a stray cat . Why do I do it ? Why do people do drugs ? Why do people gamble ? Why do people drink ? Climb mountains ? Parachute off buildings ? Why does anyone do anything ? Because it ’ s fun and they enjoy doing it .
And the more dangerous it is , the more enjoyment there is in doing it . Cheating death is the ultimate rush . Nothing ever beats it . Nothing ever can . I know a lot of you moth-eaten , piss-smelling , safety-first cretins would rather eat your own lungs than presume to ride your motorcycle without a helmet . And that ’ s fine . Off you go . Go and be the cancer at the very heart of motorcycling . You wretched , mewling cur who grovels at the Altar of Safety . You are the very reason why motorcycling is becoming a shadow of its former self , and is dying the death of a thousand cuts . You have permitted our rulers to win . They have finally and irrevocably convinced almost all of us , and certainly the younger people , that Safety is the guiding facet of life . Safety is the ultimate god . Safety is the Alpha and the Omega . You are to be made safe from yourself and everything around you at any cost . Your civil liberties be damned . Your personal choices be double-damned . You will comply . And you will be safe though the heavens fall , the seas boil , and the stars are extinguished . Our rulers have been at us now with this Safety bullshit for decades . They have repeated the same message over and over , and they have enacted insane laws and draconian penalties to back up their agitprop [ propoganda ]. The media