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Bonneville movie set for World ’ s fastest Indian
It is an amazing piece of engineering and is a credit to those who worked on it . The machine was featured in the column in 2010 , and used in the film featuring Anthony Hopkins playing Burt Munro . The original bike was at the time in the hands of an enthusiast in Southland , and was considered too valuable to use in the film .
HONDA CB750 Following heated rumours , in 1968 Honda showed its hand , and shook the motorcycle world . What it had produced was a giant step forward for the Japanese motorcycle industry , and a crushing blow for the British and European industries . The CB750 was
shown to the world in Tokyo in October 1969 . It had a single overhead cam , eight valve , fourcylinder air-cooled engine , with five gears , and an electric starter . It didn ’ t go unnoticed that Mike Hailwood had ridden a 500cc Honda four into second place in the World Championship of 1966 and ‘ 67 . It was an evil handling , fire breathing monster , but by the time the CB750 hit the showroom floors Honda had learnt from this experience . By the standards of the day , the CB750 handled brilliantly , and the brakes were superb . It weighed in at 230kg and the motor produced 67bhp at 8000rpm . Top speed was around 198km / h . The CB750 was in many ways the beginning of the Japanese assault on
1969 Honda CB750