Kiwi Rider May 2022 Vol.1 - Page 61

protection . I tend to ride with it down though because when high I get some wind buffeting . I ’ m not sold on the electronically opening gas cap ... it works absolutely perfectly , but it would really tick me off if it didn ’ t . A case of engineers over-thinking a non-existent issue ? And , while I ’ m at it , the brake pedal is a bit of a dog . It looks cheap , is unuseable when standing and can ’ t be adjusted upwards because it hits the frame . I got two big Crescents out and bent it into a useable position . I ’ m looking for a good after-market one , but there are layers of disappointment here , particularly for a premium machine . Let me know of anything stand-out in this regard . Overall , the R1250GS Rallye is outstanding . It ’ s the nicest and best all-roads bike I have ever ridden and , I ’ ve ridden quite a few . It ’ s quick , comfortable , effortless and has nice creature comforts . It ’ s a gem . The biggest accolade I could give it is that I bought one .
cope like one . Suspension travel is 210mm up front and 220mm rear . Overall , the suspension action is pretty impressive with a wide range of adjustability at the fingertips and it ’ s very capable everywhere , both on and off-road .
STUFF TO LIKE … AND NOT Another standout is the headlight . I don ’ t normally get too excited by headlights because most are varying degrees of rubbish ... hence strong after-market spotlight sales . But the 1250 lights are excellent . They are self-leveling and turn to shine around corners a bit and are bloody bright . fantastic . What else ? I never use cruise control . Maybe on Aussie ’ s super boring roads I would , but here I like to ride the bike . I ’ m sure it works well . The electronic fob for starting is superb , put it in your pocket and never look for keys again ; just hit the start button and ride off . Likewise , the heated grips and seats are all manner of awesome . The seat is height adjustable . I run the Rallye with just a single seat most of the time , it is also height adjustable , but not heated . The screen is multi-position hand adjustable on the fly . When up it offers very good rain