Kiwi Rider May 2022 Vol.1 - Page 58

and lower the bike for comfort and ease of use . Conversely , if you ’ re tall or the bike is heavily laden , the max spring preload is the way forward . It seems as though the spring preload adjustment only works at the rear , but the damping is altered both front and rear by the ESA for each mode . Also , you can mix and match . For example , if you like the power delivery in Road mode but want a firmer ride you can dial up Dynamic damping . As mentioned in Enduro Pro mode , I like the Max preload setting as it makes for sharper steering and is firmer for more aggressive riding , but for relaxed gravel cruising the Auto default setting is fine . Off-road , modest jumping is possible and the GS handles bumps and rough ground quite well . But ... it is not a dirt bike and can ’ t be expected to