Kiwi Rider May 2022 Vol.1 - Page 57

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SUSPENSION The ESA on the GS offers a huge range of adjustability . BMW recommend the Auto setting for each mode . Road mode offers very plush , almost floaty , suspension action , which is why I like Dynamic mode for road use - not to mention it sharpens up the power too . Dynamic mode firms the bike up nicely in a very controlled way . It also means it will handle our crap , rough backroads with control and poise at pace . In each mode you can choose minimum or maximum spring preload if you don ’ t want the default Auto setting from the Paralever rear end . BMW ’ s Paralever has been around a long time , even editor Ben ’ s 1992 R80GS came with it . There is a monoshock in a fixed position – there ’ s no rising rate linkage here . It incorporates a single-side swingarm , drive shaft and diff with an extra pivot in front of the diff for improved action . And , of course , it has electronic spring preload and damping adjustment . Randomly , I ’ m enjoying not having to oil a chain or clean up the mess from it . Back to suspension adjustment ... if you are light or short , less spring preload will soften