Kiwi Rider May 2022 Vol.1 - Page 56

+ Power delivery ; Comfort ; versatility ; brakes and suspension adjustability , the list goes on …

– Unnecessarily electronic in some ways ; poor rear brake pedal

ABS and TC on at relatively low intervention levels . Then it is just one mode button press for Enduro Pro and hit the TC button when I hit gravel and I ’ m in business . The ABS cannot be turned completely off even in Enduro Pro , just the rear ABS is off . But the braking is configured for knobbly tyres and , thus far , has worked well on gravel with the standard road tyres with no excessive intervention . This is because the front brake is linked to the rear bake . So , when the bike is in Enduro Pro mode with no rear ABS , applying the front brake hard means it is also trying to lock the rear . You can feel the whole bike squat down in to the road and come to a stop every well . At this hard braking point the front ABS will chime in , but stopping effect is still serious . I think the system works great and is acceptable , although I would still prefer to be able to turn the front ABS completely off for some conditions . In Dynamic Road mode with the ABS on , the rear brake still works well with positive effect . Not the marshmallow pulsating sponge at the pedal that some ABS brakes offer . Interestingly , because the rear ABS is on in this mode the front linked braking effect is not as noticeable , it just has a little less squat . The front brakes have excellent initial bite with great feel and