Kiwi Rider May 2022 Vol.1 - Page 28

as ‘ adventure touring ’ boots , and are made of soft , full-grain leather . So , if you like the stiffness of MX boots on your adventure bike , these aren ’ t for you . They ’ re real leather , not one of the synthetic leathers such as Lorica . I have no real issue with faux leathers , but I like the fact you can use beeswax to keep real leather in top condition ... and an Italian leather boot has a certain appeal – especially as it wears , giving a unique patina . In fact , Stylmartin has pre-empted the buyer of these boots , saying ‘ the leather will wear uniquely to write your story into the leather ’. And wear they have . I ’ ve done multiple week to 10-day South Island gravel / 4WD track adventure trips in these , and thousands of gravel and seal miles nearer to home . They ’ ve certainly got my story written in them at this point . When I first got them , they were a bit too big for my foot – correct for the length , but a little ‘ baggy ’ on the top . I swapped out the supplied insoles for a pair of Blundstone work-boot insoles – which are more comfortable and take up the extra space ( maybe I have thin feet ?). Adjustment on each boot is via a pair of twoposition levers with a toothed adjuster , and a large velcro section on the upper boot . There ’ s ankle , tibia and calf protection built in . And for
those after a really retro MX-boot look , there ’ s a metal skid plate supplied for the toes . My time with the Matrix has shown them to be waterproof and very comfortable ( even straight out of the box ). They make a great everyday riding / touring boot and even a decent light adventure boot ( Stylmartin was bang on with the ‘ adventure touring ’ label ). the Vibram sole gives good grip everywhere I ’ ve ridden – except on the Papa mud , which , well , if you know Papa , you know it . They ’ ve developed their own unique odour too , which prompts them to be left outside my tent or room on tours – probably my own fault for not putting fresh socks on each day on one particular tour . I like that Stylmartin has spares available to extend the life of their boots - you can get replacement buckles , straps and metal toe cups . At $ 549 , the Matrix aren ’ t cheap boots , but they are premium quality and well built . I ’ m picking I ’ ll get lots of years out of these – and look good while I ’ m doing it . Can ’ t ask for much more than that .
Model : Stylmartin Matrix boots Price : $ 549 See more : www . eurobike . co . nz