Kiwi Rider June 2022 Vol.2 - Page 84

I think that is why it has never gotten old . I think that is why every run I go on still fills my belly with pre-run excitement as I go through the now decades-old rituals of preparing my gear and myself . I still give the bike a onceover – even though I have been blessed these many years with an endless succession of testbikes which usually need nothing more than their tyre pressures checked . I still adore the wind , and the road , and the smells , and the sheer primal immersion riding gives me – and never fails to give me . It has never let me down in that respect . Surfers chase waves , climbers seek out mountains , and there ’ s no end of ways in which the human animal seeks to fill his soul with wonder and joy . As a motorcyclist , I can mainline that wolfeyed super-ecstasy the moment I ride out of my driveway . I don ’ t need to look or wait for waves . I don ’ t have to travel to measure myself against mountains , ocean depths , or the endless vacuum of space .
I got it right here , under my balls and in my hands , and it starts out front of my house , 24 / 7 , rain or shine . And it never gets old , and it never gets stale , and it never gets boring . Life is many things to many people . We all struggle from time to time , and we all suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune as Shakespeare observed hundreds of years before bikes were invented . Sorrow finds us all , as does tragedy , and despair . But happiness and joy finds us from time to time as well , and unless you have known sadness , you cannot know happiness . Someone who is relentlessly and endlessly happy is actually brain damaged . And so I go through life , a day at a time , a challenge at a time . Sometimes I win . Sometimes I lose . Sometimes it ’ s a draw . But every damn time I go for a ride – and I mean every damn time – my life is a little bit better than it was before I went for a ride . So go for a ride .
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