Kiwi Rider June 2022 Vol.2 - Page 75

1969 Triumph Bonneville twin
BSA Gold Star 350cc 1955
machines in the first four . There was , however , a BSA Gold Star , Norton Commando , Hesketh V1000 , and Scott Flying Squirrel 600 to keep the Union Jack flying . The notable absentees in the first fifteen models were European and American machines . I would have thought at least one Ducati , a BMW , and a Harley would have made the top fifteen .
It should be interesting to make your own list of classic bikes and see if any of them have survived the past twenty years , and of course those that haven ’ t . The worthy winner twenty years ago the Honda CB750 , was no surprise . It was said at the time to be the one of the most influential motorcycles of the previous 50-years . Next came the Triumph Bonneville 650 , the origin of which