Kiwi Rider June 2022 Vol.2 - Page 50

– Nothing as far as the machines go ; the only down side I see is bike guys will need a bigger trailer , they take more time to clean and use more room in the shed

intense ! Wheel travel is over 50cm at each end and with large 30 x 10 – 14-inch grippy Maxxis tyres , going places is not an issue .
RZR XP TURBO S Next up was the 72-inch wide RZR XP Turbo S , with 168hp , higher spec Fox 3.0 Live-valve shocks that have push button Soft , Sport and Firm electronic suspension modes . It is called DYNAMIX Active Suspension . It is Polaris ’ first intelligent system and monitors driver and vehicle inputs hundreds of times per second to continuously adjust each shock individually on the fly . Clever and sophisticated ? You bet ! And it works . I thought the suspension was already amazing on the Pro XP , but this is another step-up again . For normal use , soft is super comfortable riding and for long days of less intense driving this mode is excellent . Sport was ideal for charging hard on farm tracks , while Firm truly was a race setting that ’ s more suited to very high speed and flat turns where body roll is not your