Kiwi Rider June 2022 Vol.2 - Page 49

The suspension action is incredible . In fact , it ’ s mind-blowing how good , and just what it ’ s capable of . The Pro XP can attack a rough farm track like nobody on a dirtbike in their right mind would do . Not to mention the way it handles decent jumps with great driver comfort . Throughout the whole day I never felt the Pro XP bottom out with anything like a jolt through the seat – remarkable . Line choice is largely irrelevant when compared to a dirtbike – you just attack and let the Pro XP sort it out . Of course , that ’ s not strictly true because line choice is always vital to go quickly , but the inherent stability bonus of four wheels , along with excellent suspension , certainly required less line precision than is needed on a two-wheeler . And , if things do get out of hand , it ’ s normally just a bit of a bounce and you ’ re back on the gas – not a wee cartwheel off in to the scrub or worse . This is quite an important point of difference over a bike for weekend warriors that absolutely need to be back at work on a Monday . The quality seats , fourpoint harness seat belts and roll cage offer an incomparable step-up in protection over a twowheeler , while excitement levels are every bit as