Kiwi Rider June 2022 Vol.2 - Page 29

FINALLY ... ELECTRIC ! For 2023 , all KTM SX motocross models - both two-stroke and four-stroke - come out of the gate featuring electric starters . This is something that ’ s been a long time coming - and eagerly awaited by the Austrian brand ’ s fans . The bikes in the SX range now utilise two maps ( a standard for softer and linear power and another for a more aggressive response ), a ‘ roll-over ’ sensor for large crashes , an hourmeter as standard with electronic fuel injection status , and a fuel indicator through the Keihin engine management system . Additionally , the four-stroke models feature launch control and traction control as standard , while the whole range make use of latest spec WP Suspension engineering .
POWERPLANT Engine wise , new cylinder heads translate into performance gains , but KTM has also rotated the heads rearwards by two degrees for better mass-centralisation . Brand new five-speed PANKL Racing Systems transmissions with an additional sensor for the four-strokes mean that up-shifts ( from 2nd gear onwards ) are slicker thanks to the Quickshifter function . The Quickshifter can be disabled with a switch on the handlebar , but a weightoptimised shift shaft in the transmission itself means that the operating force of each change is now less and , therefore , easier . Wrapping up the transmission is a Brembo hydraulic clutch to ensure top-of-the-range dependability no matter the conditions . KTM has finally dropped the carbs for the twostrokes , replacing them with a fuel injection system with a 39mm throttle body and with injectors positioned for pinpoint throttle response . KTM has also given a bit of a ‘ remix to the premix ’ with the new system using a TPSsensor for better behaviour at idle and for the fuel-air mixture . KTM says the result is more power , better response and , overall , an easier package to live with .
CHASSIS The frame is also new with the wall thicknesses optimised to achieve improved rigidity in high stress areas such as the steering head and there are all new shock mounts . The two-strokes have new parallel frame mounts . The design is sportier with emphasis on additional agility ; an example comes through the new inwardly moved footpegs for even greater clearance in ruts and for dropping the bike flat for jump scrubs . New footpegs are even larger in surface area , but , thanks to the use of die-casting , they are still lighter than before . Overall stiffness has been dialled further with lighter , die-cast , hollow swingarms ( the use of