Kiwi Rider June 2022 Vol.2 - Page 24

injector is repositioned from above to below the duct . These changes further contribute to increased cylinder-filling efficiency , which adds to peak performance , although Kawasaki isn ’ t giving exact numbers on what the new power figures of the bike are . Kawasaki has worked hard on boosting reliability in general for 2023 . The connecting rod big-end bearing crush height was increased , contributing to reliability and durability . Based on racer feedback , Kawasaki has revised the gearbox and clutch with a new clutch pushrod for lighter operation and updated gear ratios to make 1st gear taller and 2nd now transitions into 3rd more easily . Footpegs are 5mm wider for better comfort and improved rider grip . In the chassis department , Kawasaki has revised the suspension , with fine-tuned fork internals , to deliver firmer compression damping that contributes to increased off-road performance without sacrificing ride comfort . While the fork spring rate is unchanged , revised oil height contributes to new overall fork characteristics . Weight-saving measures include changing the fork cover bolts from steel to aluminium , and in the rear linkage using aluminium instead of
steel for the linkage collar as well as switching to hollow bolts . For 2023 the KX250 runs on Dunlop MX33 rubber , and the rear hoop has been increased in size to 110 / 90-19 for increased rear wheel traction as well as a greater planted feeling . The 2023 cross country spec KX250X receives the same updates as the motocross model aside from the rear tyre change .
KX85 / KX65L The other bikes in Kawasaki ’ s 2023 dirt range getting a hit with the upgrade stick is the KX85 and KX65L , both of which score improved cooling performance , a stronger transmission and the same Dunlop MX33 rubber as the KX250 all wrapped in a new set of shrouds for improved rider comfort . The KX85 ’ s two-stroke , single cylinder 84cc engine is equipped with a powervalve system that generates an easy-to-use wide-spread powerband . Just like the KX112 , it features a six-speed transmission , Dunlop MX33 tyres , slim ergonomics package , aggressive KX styling and good cooling performance .