Kiwi Rider January 2022 Vol.1 - Page 91

down , then sure , I will stop . Just as I will always stop if I see you on the side of the road somewhere isolated . But if you ’ ve pulled over on the side of an urban freeway , you ’ re on your own , chief . I ’ ve got places to be and things to do . Call your mates if you need a ute . Your missus is not off-limits . If she is acting like a single girl then she will be treated like a single girl . If you don ’ t like that , then your argument is with her , not the bloke whose lap she is sitting on . You are not a modern-day knight of the road , OK ? I know you might have read that somewhere and it resonated with you because you ’ re a little bit simple in the head because maybe your parents were siblings , but you ’ re not any kind of knight . Neither are any of the other blokes you see on bikes . They , like you , are just blokes with motorcycles . You may ride better than them , or they may ride better than you . But their motorcycling skill set , just like your motorcycling skill-set , does not in any way reflect what kind of a person you are . You may have the riding skills of Rossi and be the biggest shitwad in the world , in which case , piss on you and get out of my face with your infantile Bikers ’ Code expectations .
Are you crunching up your face while you ’ re reading this ? Diddums . It sucks being told you ’ re not special after you ’ ve spent all this time thinking you are , and imagining you belong to some secret-squirrel , two-wheeled brotherhood codified by set rules , expectations , and behaviours . But , what if I told you that such motorcycling fraternities do indeed exist ? Of course , it ’ s unlikely you would ever be permitted to join such an organisation , and it ’ s doubtful you ’ d even want to because ... well , because there is a price to be paid for that kind of thing . And most of you , probably about 99 per cent , simply don ’ t have the stones to pay that price .
So , instead you live a lie – or a series of lies about loyalty , honour , brotherhood , respect . And you give this lie a name . You call it the Bikers ’ Code . You ’ d be better off calling it the Delusion of Dropkicks . It ’ s far more appropriate and entirely accurate .
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