Kiwi Rider January 2022 Vol.1 - Page 67

Photo : Pirelli
Not all training involves hi-vis and speed limits . Track-based training offers distraction-free skills improvement to benefit all aspects of your riding


So , last issue I warbled on about getting a licence . You have one ? What next ? Well , in a word , training . Most things that we do that involve risk , be it financial or physical , come bundled with at least a modicum of training . Weirdly though , motorcycling , which contains a healthy dose of both the aforementioned risk factors , has historically come with none . Zip . Squat . SFA . But times have changed . I have received feedback regarding my ‘ unbecoming ’ description of my generation in the last issue . Apparently , it offended a few of my prehistoric peers . Here ’ s the thing ... it was supposed to .

The aim of my un-pc skewer was to make all , and particularly the more , umm , senior of us , pause and think about some stuff . Some might have contemplated their navel for a time and had an epiphany that made them think maybe there is something in this ‘ training ’ malarky . And there is . For some it may simply be dusting off the skills and deliberately reassembling a well-drilled skillset on a day out on the bike . Do we get really accomplished riders with fantastic awareness of their riding environs , fine bike handling skills and the ability to run both of these esteemed faculties simultaneously ? Yes , of course we do . The problem is , this