Kiwi Rider January 2022 Vol.1 - Page 63

This is a series of articles penned by guys like us ; dead keen on their bikes and lifelong devotees of two motorised wheels for one convoluted , but individual reason , it makes their life better .
By Peter Elliott



’ m a long-time rider and racer of motorbikes . From age 11 , when I first started riding dirt bikes on a friend ’ s RM80 in a paddock in South Taranaki , to today , as a 52-year-old who will be racing a Ducati 888 superbike in Post Classics in the coming 2021-22 season . It ’ s fair to say that I have a few years and bikes to look back on , but , also , I can ’ t wait to see what is coming in the future . Over 41 years I ’ ve tried all modes of riding , be it trail dirt riding , touring the country on a road bike , motards , or enduro racing - on and off-road . It has given me a large number of experiences to enjoy , look back at , and draw from . However , racing road bikes sits at the top as my most passionate pastime to date . I really can ’ t see that changing any time soon , if ever .
MAN-CAVE My current collection in the man-cave consists of a 2012 Husky 250TXC , which is currently stripped down for a complete bike freshen up , a 1994 Ducati 888 world superbike that I intend to race for the owner , and there is also a 1982 Ducati TT2 600 that is a ground-up replica build . But I have to say that the current ‘ batch ’ is only the recent sample of bikes . My machines have ranged from various Aprilia RSV4 1000 superbikes , TZ250 PG bikes , and a smattering of 400s , 600s and 900cc race-bikes ; there has always been a race bike in my garage for over 35 years . It might be called an addiction , but I want to ride each one as much as possible . And it ’ s a truism that when you find good bikes in anyone ’ s garage or shed , the people that have them just want to ride them . And in most cases , work on them - rebuilding , fettling and fitting upgrades , or just repairs and maintenance .
A PASSION FOR RIDING On a personal level , motorbike riding is a passion , and it ’ s one that takes care of my physical health by exercise , brightens my mental wellbeing , and increases my social interactions . I would say three-quarters of the people I know are from this section of the NZ community , and a fair few beyond these shores , as well . My partner has ridden bikes and still holds a strong desire to continue along this path with me . It ’ s the one constant in my life - other than my great partner . It ’ s my personal belief that motorbikes equate to freedom and meditation - if you want to call it something . One could say that bikes are