Kiwi Rider January 2022 Vol.1 - Page 59

Fred , Baz and Nev cowered behind Gandar as it seemed even the accessories came to life .
gnarled , diminutive and clearly inebriated Gimlett slurred . Stunned by the sudden appearance of this strange but stout little chap in torn brown leathers , Fred demanded to know who he was , and where he had come from . “ I am Gimlett ... drunken oaf but true of heart , and as brave as an ox on amphetamines . “ I was supposed to have appeared back when you met the mad Irish riders of Manxisle but the chap scribing this tale down forgot ... but here I am now ... better late than never yes ?” Crozman stepped forward , welcomed and shook the hand of the stunted one , then recoiled back after getting the impact fumes of about 17 pints of lager and half a bottle of ginger wine . “ Lead the way ,” he insisted . “ Indeed ,” Arasole chipped in before adding ‘ Best he take the lead as it means he ' s upwind .’ The great cavernous halls of the H- D parts and accessories centre were dauntingly eerie ... with only an occasional , and distant , clang or thump to unsettle them and accompany the sound of their harsh breathing in the rancid , oily air .
“ Stay on your guard ,” Gimlett slurred . “ The erks are everywhere .” Erks : Foul little failed apprentice mechanics who shuffle around Sid Sorceron like the greasy , stub-fingered little sycophants they are . Their fingers are congealed lumps of battered flesh and dried blood ... evidence of their inability to carry out the simplest mechanical tasks without injuring themselves . Indeed they were everywhere . In their slimy overalls and greasy spiked hair , they watched from many hundreds of hiding places as the strange band of brothers filed cautiously between rows of parts and accessories which towered over them like canyon walls . “ I sense erks are afoot ,” Gandar whispered as Fred , Baz and Nev cowered behind him ... and not a moment too soon as the vile creatures , wielding spanners , mallets and socket wrenches swarmed from every angle , from every dark corner , toward them . Even the spare parts and accessories seemed to come to life as they crashed from shelves about them . Crozman ( who harboured a deep
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