Kiwi Rider January 2022 Vol.1 - Page 51

+ Fast ; super capable ; a real hoon element

- Yes , it ’ s a naked bike , but wind / weather protection is great this bike ’ s intended use , the shock action is extremely hard to fault . The forks are also the same Ohlins 43 NIX USD units as the previous Speed Triple and I couldn ’ t fault them in any conditions . They are firm yet plush , have excellent control , never seem to bottom on road ; they ’ re just excellent . The 1200 has a very agile and yet planted feel , one that inspires confidence through the turns . No matter if the turn is fast or slow , smooth or bumpy , the 1200 holds its line very well . Of course , the very sticky Metzeler 190 / 55-17 and 120 / 70-17 rubber is truly helpful here too . However , be prepared for a little front wheel waggling if you are on the gas while exiting turns ... wheelies are very easy to come by , even when you aren ’ t trying . Happy days . A great feature of late model Triumph ’ s is keyless starting . Simply put the fob in your pocket and hit the starter button . The days of putting your gloves on and then removing them to find your bloody keys is a thing of the past – it really is a wonderfully useful feature and not fully appreciated until experienced . Another nice touch is the 5-inch TFT screen that highlights mode changes , shows all relevant information and allows you to follow menu changes all quite easily .

NAKED ATTITUDE Personally , the naked street fighter style of machine isn ’ t my kind of thing . I prefer my bikes to cover a few more bases , offer decent weather protection and have real gravel road capabilities . But , for someone who isn ’ t after those things ... the Speed Triple 1200 RS is a superb iteration of aggressive nakedness and an absolute blast . It ’ s certainly fun and hugely capable , and a true delight for sunny day blasts . For this kind of machine , I don ’ t think there ’ s anything on the market that bests it - the Speedy is fantastic for hooning , but it ’ s also a bike you could live with every day . Oh , and it brings new meaning to the term “ live a little ” and that must be a great thing .