Kiwi Rider January 2022 Vol.1 - Page 49

the small 220 single rear disc gives surprisingly positive rear braking with an excellent pedal feel , not the feel of a wet sponge that can often be associated with rear ABS pedal feel .
LIGHTER , MORE COMFORTABLE The ergonomics have moved in the right direction for comfort , mostly coming from bars that are now 12mm higher to help reduce wrist load . The seat height is 825mm and allows reasonable leg comfort for tall riders over the small ( ish ) 15.5 litre fuel tank ’ s life . Short riders could find it a wee stretch – the majority of riders should be very happy though .
Interestingly , the rear wheel travel has been reduced 12mm with no corresponding reduction of seat height . The top shelf Ohlins TTX36 shock is the same as the previous model , but re-valved for the bike ’ s greater power and reduced weight . My guess is the linkage is altered slightly or the shock lengthened to maintain the ride height bearing in mind the wheel travel reduction . The shock ’ s action is very impressive . It is clearly on the firm side of plush , but the progression is not such that it becomes harsh , and control is excellent at all times as you might expect from the Swedish suspension maker . For